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Tips for Internet Explorer - name and password get you in fast

InternetFixes - Tip

by ClifNotes


Here's a great tip from Gary at InternetFixes. Make sure to check out the rest of his tips. He's got a real gold mine of them.


Quote from the website - Entering a Name and Password in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6


When you access a site that requires a user name and password, you can simply type the whole thing into the Address box. As an example, suppose you want to access www.mysite.com using a name and password. You would enter


http:// username:password@www.mysite.com


and press Enter.


If you need to access the same site frequently, you can simply save the address as a URL and place it in the Links bar for easy access.



Just an FYI regarding the use of the username:password@ login.... those that have installed the following security update will no longer be able to use the direct login URL format.




Details are available at;







Steven Burn

Ur I.T. Mate Group