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The 13 "Best of the Best" Free File Hosting Options

Posted by ClifNotes, Mar 2008, permalink Windows Tips


I spotted this article about the best online file backup, sharing and hosting solutions. Keep in mind that the key word is FREE, but the meaning of the word may vary from site to site.



Here is number 14 ... Someone sent me a letter about a free 2Gb file backup solution called IDrive.




If you use a free online file hosting service, let us know about it. If you don't use one and you are interested in a little research, take a look at this article below.



Quote from the website

Need to store your files online? There are hundreds if not thousands of options, but the trick is picking out the cream of the crop. Some sites have long registration requirements, slow upload speeds, and annoying ads, or worse.


This list has been narrowed down to the best of the best file storage options, guaranteed to be stable, free, generous with file size limits, offer lots of space, and top things off with some really cool features.



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