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ThinkAll - think twice before you buy

tip from Jerry in Georgia, Oct 2006, permalink


Jerry wrote me about his near miss with a costly lesson.


Recently was looking for freeware and came across www•thinkall•com. They offered four cd's for a a small shipping fee. $2.96, which I thought was a good deal. However I later got hit for $49.95 on my card because in the fine print two of the four CD's you would be charged for unless returned in ten days. You might want to warn the readers of your newsletter on this one. Also READ the fine print on what you are downloading.


Enjoy your newsletter,




Thanks Jerry, we all know about it now. I will now recommend you immediately go out and sign up for a free SA (SiteAdvisor) toolbar. Here's what SA says about the website you mentioned.




You will see SiteAdvisor's toolbar light up in "red" when you have the SA toolbar installed and you visit this site or another website like this one. Just keep in mind that SA is not perfect. Sometimes they are very wrong, but more often, as the report above shows, it's on target.


There are hundreds of websites just like this one. This website will suddenly disappear one day and reappear with another name. How will you know it when you see it? Hopefully, SiteAdvisor will already have been there. See ScanDoo for another alternative method for checking out websites.


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