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The Freenet Project - surfing the net without big brother

notes from ClifNotes, Apr 2006


I haven't tried this software, but I feel that talking about Freenet is almost like posting a public service announcement.


What is Freenet? Here's what the website says:

Freenet is a decentralised "peer-to-peer" system designed to allow the anonymous sharing of information on the Internet. After many months of work, the first alpha version of Freenet 0.7 is ready for testing.


Freenet 0.7 represents a major new approach to peer-to-peer network design. To protect the network, and the user's anonymity, Freenet users will now have the ability to connect directly to other people that they know and trust, together forming a "global darknet" making it extremely difficult for any third party, whether a government or another powerful organisation, to determine that a user is participating in Freenet, let alone what they are doing with it. This new version is a complete rewrite of the Freenet software, representing numerous other improvements


Freenet is designed to try and help those whose internet use may bring in the "jack-booted thugs" of the world. Other people in the free world, may just like to remain "off the radar" for their own reasons.


If you are one of the above, give Freenet a try.