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Terragon and Swistakowy Klopot - strain your brain

review from Tony at TopFreeware, Jan 2007, permalink _ Games


From Tony:

This is for those who like to strain their brain.


Recently I had some spare time so I decided to spend some time playing these games. They fall in the category of strategy.



A great puzzle game that tests your mind and patience. Try to make each square red by moving your yellow square through each level, but don’t retrace your steps or else you have to start again. Complete each of the 50 levels before the timer runs out and if you want, submit your scores and compete against players all over the world. A simple concept that has been done really well. It's fun and frustrating at the same time.






Swistakowy Klopot

This one has a weird name but it's a great game.

You get a certain number of boxes to use on each level in order for you to reach your destination. You can stack or move the boxes in order to clear the obstacles around. It is just that simple.Surprisingly,the game contains 41 levels throughout 8 different worlds for all puzzle lovers to enjoy for quite some time.


This game uses passwords in order for you to load where you left off. Heres a tip, type them into a text file and save them in the folder where the game file is kept.




I've spent many hours on these and have enjoyed playing them immensely


Kind Regards




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