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SystemSherlock Lite - captures changes to your system

Website - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes on 09/24/05



This little utility was created by Kephyr, the authors of Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner. SystemSherlock Lite is supposed to scan your registry and files system for changes so that you might later be able to recover from problems with software installs, or malware infections. I don't think it's going to be a tool that anyone but the geekiest of us would use. First of all, it's a command line program. That's fine if you like the old DOS days. Secondly, I couldn't find an easy way to tell what changes it had captured from one run to the next. The manuals and FAQ were so basic that I was left in the dark once I'd used it. In other words, the program did it's job and captured information on my system changes, but what do I do once I've got the information? I opened up the data files in notepad and could barely read them. I suppose I could use a file comparison program to compare two runs to see what had changed, but after seeing the data format, I was pretty much giving up on it. If you really want to capture changes to your system, I'd recommend you try out the freeware version of TotalUninstall.



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SystemSherlock Lite is a free command line utility designed to analyse changes made to the registry and file system on your Windows workstation. SystemSherlock Lite saves an image of the registry and all your files and folders. Later on - for example after installing some software - you can analyse in detail what changes have been made to your system. You will find out exactly which registry entries and files that have been created, deleted or modified.