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System Restore Is A Tool That Is Built Into Windows ME And XP!

InternetFixes - Tip



Article from InternetFixes Windows XP News Letter, October 4th, 2005

System Restore is a tool that is built into Windows ME and XP. As the name suggests, it allows you to restore your system to a previous state. If something bad happens to your computer, System Restore can help you to undo the wrong. While this may sound great, there is more to this story.


First of all, it doesn't back up all of your user files and documents. Because of this, you shouldn't view System Restore as your complete backup solution. Its primary goal is to keep track of your system specific files and settings, not your personal files. Another thing you should know is that the default settings in System Restore allow it to be greedy with your hard drive space. It uses a percentage of the space that is on your drive, and this means that large amounts of your space can be set aside specifically for System Restore.


This article from Microsoft will tell you even more about what System Restore does, and will inform you about things such as restore points.



From this information, you can decide how much you want System Restore to control your computer. To restore or not to restore - that is the question.


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