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Styler - Style The Windows Explorer Toolbar Your Way

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink System Tweaking


There are tons of tweaks for your desktop, applications, program launchers, and other stuff. If you want to, you can make your Windows look like it is actually another operating system. I've tried quite a few system enhancements and I typically end up back with the basic Windows look and feel after a brief spell.


Here is a tweak that I'm tempted to try. On the other hand, it really doesn't change the way your Explorer window works. It will simply look better. At least that's what this blogger at AppAholic says.


click to expand picture

Quote from AppAholic:

Change the style of the windows explorer by adding a new customisable toolbar. Many many designs on deviant art, all free to download. Even includes OS mimics like vista and mac leopard and tiger style toolbar. Also includes other graphical enhancements like drop shadow and icon placement and icon size.


So, you already skinned your OS to look a bit different using Uxtheme Patches. Surly its about time to do something about that blasted windows explorer? I think so!


I found this on a bit of an off chance a while ago, and have only got round to testing it today. I’m glad to say, I’m really impressed, and it IS going to be staying on my system. The very simply named Styler, works rather simply as well. Download, install, find a few different styles you like, try them, and your away. It took a me a little while to work out where to find the styles to download, but deviant art came up trumps again, as it often does with graphical things.


I was a tad skeptical about the ease of this app. The screen shot showed a simple windows with different styles which could be applied to windows explorer. The download comes with the vista style, but naturally there are many more to download.



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