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Streaming Radio Alarm Clock - wake up to your favorite radio station

Posted by ClifNotes, May 2008, permalink Multimedia Streaming


This short review was submitted by Thomas Swift as a comment in my What free software do you need section? Thomas is the author of this and many more freewares that he hosts at his website TAS Independent Programming.


I tried out the Radio Alarm Clock and it was able to play my local audio files just fine. Every time I tried to play an internet radio stream, I kept getting an error message telling me that I had not filled out the URL section of the Settings. Perhaps Thomas can tell me what I was doing wrong? Be sure to check the comments below.



Thomas has informed me that he's fixed a few bugs in this app and the problem I had is now gone.


Give this one a try. It installs well and the uninstaller works just as nicely. It does place itself as an auto starting application, but most of you know how to disable this setting using MsConfig. Comment at the end of this article if you have any problems. Thomas, the author, will get a notification and will likely respond.


Be sure to check out the other utilities at Thomas's website. Please be aware that his website is tweaked to only be usable in Internet Explorer.


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Quote from the website

Streaming Radio Alarm Clock 3.5

Sun, 18 May 2008 14:28:34 US Mountain Standard Time

Windows: All

A streaming internet alarm clock radio. Features include internet detection with backup alarm sound file. 12 or 24 hour display with date. All savings are saved to the registry. No resetting the alarm every day, it is added to the start up. Tray enabled for quick access. Automatic mixer un-muting and 90% volume crank at alarm time. When you press stop on media player after alarm is playing it returns your mixer volume back to the originally set volume. You can also set the media player volume individually for each memory station and it is saved. Up to 5 preset stream links can be set from interface to point to any internet stream you like. I have included a huge file full of stream links to help users to pick stations. This program is full of features you are sure to love !

Requires windows media player 7.0 or up. Your mornings will never be the same. Enjoy !!!