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How to Stop Delivery of Internet Explorer 7

Tip from Gizmo Richards


Recently, Eddie in Australia asked me this ...

Hi Clif


I see Microsoft are due to send out Internet Explorer 7 shortly. Would you advise using this, or would you wait a while. I believe we will have the option to refuse the Download.






I wrote back ...

Hi Eddie,


If you use Firefox or Opera, I'd say you can flip a coin on it. If you are a die hard IE user, yes by all means. They've improved the security and added some very nice features.


Have fun!




For those of you who don't want to switch to IE7 yet, here's a tip from Gizmo Richard's Tech Support Alert Newsletter.


Quote from Gizmo

IE7 is nearing official release and will be automatically distributed to Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 machines via the Microsoft Update service. That means that if you have automatic updates enabled on your PC, you'll get IE7 whether you want it or not. I think most home PC users would want the update but some commercial users may prefer a phased implementation to prevent potential software incompatibility problems. If you want to prevent IE7 automatically downloading and installing you can use a special toolkit that Microsoft has made available. Full details here: http://tinyurl.com/kwkg (microsoft.com)


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