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StatBar - toolbar shows an overview of your system's condition

comments from Rocker452 and Clif, Nov 2006 _ Desktop Tools


Rocker452 wrote me last week:

In the Nov 5th newsletter someone reviewed Ultra CPU Monitor and that got me to thinking about what I use for that. The program I use is StatBar. Here's the homepage for it http://www.statbar.nl/.


What I like is it shows all kinds of useful info which you can select from. It also has a program launcher built in. You can place it at the top or bottom of the screen or set it to hide until moused upon. I have it start with windows and placed at the top of the window always showing. It's quite useful for keeping an eye on memory usage, network traffic, and CPU usage.


Just thought I'd tell you about it seeing as I didn't see any reviews of it on your site.


Thanks Rocker, this looks like another great freeware tool.


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Quote from the website

StatBar is a freeware system status bar which provides a handy, orderly overview of your system's condition. StatBar comes with 6 different color schemes and 19 information modules, allowing you to monitor and control various aspects of your system. This includes memory, CPU and disk usages, system uptime, Winamp control, network throughput, Internet time synchronization, and more. It features a built-in update check as well, which can download and install the latest version for you.