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The Spyware Warrior Guide to Anti-Spyware Programs

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reviewed by ClifNotes on 9/1/2005


While surfing the web, many people who are new to the internet will get pop-up ads telling them that their system is at risk and they should get "brand X" anti-spyware program. Many times the newbie will pay for a program that's actually going to cause as much trouble as it fixes. Where should we tell them to look for good programs and get warnings about the bad ones? Here it is. This is the definitive one-stop shopping location for anyone needing good anti-spyware protection.


Tip: If you are looking for bad programs you can quickly search using your favorite search engine by using the site search feature. If I was looking for ZoneProtect or zoneprotect.com, I would go to Google and type in this search query:

site:spywarewarrior.com "zoneprotect"

One more thing. As a general rule, don't trust any program or service that comes to you as a popup or arrives as spam in your email.


Quote from the website - Quote from the website - Given the bewildering array of programs and features available to users looking for anti-spyware applications, users may find it difficult to usefully compare anti-spyware programs and their feature sets. To remedy that potential confusion, this page presents two Feature Comparison Tables for the major anti-spyware programs currently available. An explanation of the features considered can be found below the table in the Notes section.

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