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Splitter Lite - split large files into smaller pieces

Splitter Homepage - Freeware

reviewed by ClifNotes, Nov 2005




I had a very large file I needed to upload to my Gmail account. The file was 141 megabytes in size and I know that my Gmail will only accept 10 megabyte attachments. I needed to split the file into smaller pieces. I've been using file splitting tools for a long time and I like Splitter Lite. I have a link to Splitter Lite in my Sendto folder. All I did was right click on my large file and Sendto Splitter. Next, I chose the size I wanted. I clicked the split button and a second later I had 16 files, all of which were 9 megabytes in size.



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• Splitter splits files or whole directories (including subdirectories).

• You can select any size of parts you like.

• Splitter is able to handle very large parts (only limited by the operating system).

• No installation necessary, Splitter can run from a floppy disk.

• The date of the original files will be restored.

• Drag & drop from the windows explorer.

• Splitter optionally creates batch files for rejoining.

• Full commandline support.