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Sphygmic Spreadsheet - MS Excel alternative

Download - Freeware

reviewed by JohnHood



Review by John Hood

Spreadsheet: Sphygmic

Review Date: Jun-2003

License: Free

Special Note: Greenware (No Install Required)


Interface = 10.0

Features = 10.0

Stability = 9.0

Help/Support = 8.0

Versatility = 8.0

Average Rating = 9.0 (Of The 2 Programs I Reviewed)



Microsoft Excel has its fans. However most people think that Excel is the only commercially available spreadsheet. For them there is an alternative.


Pluses - Sphygmatic is spreadsheet for serious number crunchers. Sphygmic sports 125 functions. You have up to 256 columns and over 16,000 rows, multiple sheets, CSV files and read and write Excel 4.0 files. A charting module is built in.



Minuses - It's getting a little old. There is no support available. What you get is what there is.

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Why waste money and over 180MB of disk space to get feature-bloated Excel? With the Sphygmic Software spreadsheet you get all the functions you need in less than 4MB! And all this for free!