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Snowbird Search - still very fast but has a new look and new features

Posted by ClifNotes, Feb 2009, Permalink File Management


I believe I first ran into Snowbird back in 2004 or 2005. Back then, it had a really unique way of displaying results in a web browser, but the amazing thing was that it kicked the pants off of the Windows search tool.


Watching Microsoft's little doggy dig through piles of papers isn't much help when you need to find one file out of 30,000. It's cute but it gets old when you have to wait 10 minutes.


I don't believe that Snowbird has gotten much faster than it was in 2005, but it's interface has gotten a major upgrade over version 6. It's now much more like working inside of a typical file explorer window.


Snowbird is a single executable file, but does include a help file, so there's no installation needed. Just unpack the zip file into a folder and create your own links to it. Snowbird may not be as fast as many of the indexing search tools, but it sure beats the Windows default search and it doesn't have to run all the time like most of the indexing search tools do.


Quote from the website

Snowbird is a small and fast file management and search tool. Unlike other similar tools, Snowbird was built from the ground up with performance rather than features in mind.


• Fully multi-threaded architecture ensures that the interface always remains responsive, even when accessing network resources or copying large amounts of data

• Can handle extremely large folders without noticeable degradation in performance

• Fast file operations (copy, move, delete) with the ability to pause transfers and to skip errors

• Integrated search tool that can find files (and even text within files) without indexing





Snowbird Search - finds files very fast

review from ClifNotes, updated Sep 2008, Jul 2007, permalink File Management


I tried out Snowbird a few years ago. It was written by a young programmer in India and it's been slowly evolving into a very good search tool. When I first tried it, Snowbird used to display the search results in a web browser. Since then, it's changed to allow you to view the results in the program interface and also preview some file types.


The amazing thing about Snowbird is it's size. The download is only 22kb. This is definitely a portable tool you can take with you anywhere. No installation is needed. Just unzip the executable file and run it.


I just tried it and searched my hard drive for text files. It finished scanning 40 gigs in about 5 seconds while finding over 3000 files.


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Quote from the website

Snowbird is an extremely small and fast desktop search utility that can search for files and also text inside files. The latest version shows results in real-time as the search progresses and also features a preview pane for quickly viewing common file formats.