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SlimBrowser - a great multi-tabbed IE alternative

from Tony at his FreewareFan blog, Dec 2005


Tony says:

There are a lot of IE replacement browsers out there and I have tried most of them.


I like Slim Browser because it is small, uses very little resources compared to any other out there and has all the features you could wish for.


  • Open multiple sites in tabbed windows
  • Closing choices: Close current, Close All, Close All Except Current, Close Failed, Close All except locked tabs
  • It has a spell checker for those, like me who post on various sites and forums
  • Blocks pop-ups (Just click an icon on the toolbar and popped site is unblocked)
  • Translates sites to English
  • Saves multiple (opened) sites as a group. Click on the group icon and all the sites are opened simultaneously (great for researching multiple sites)
  • Autologin to password protected sites
  • Clean your tracks, cache etc. with a click of a button or set it to clean your tracks on closing the browser.


... any many more features and options.



Uses your IE engine but much faster and smaller.



You can get SlimBrowser here.

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