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A little Skepticism is healthy

Posted by ClifNotes, Apr 2009, permalink Cool Website


If you didn't know me better, you might think I was born in Missouri, commonly known as the "Show me" state. We have all been raised to believe certain things and in most cases it's good. However, it's also good to occasionally examine those beliefs and to examine the "unquestioned" information that we are asked to swallow without looking by those who might call themselves experts or pundits.


I am a skeptic at heart. I don't believe everything I see and hear on the news or on the web. A little skepticism is needed if you want to surf the web and retain your sanity at the same time. That's why I was pleased to see that the Leo Notenboom at ask-leo.com is also a professed skeptic. Here's what he has to say and I agree with him 100%. He has said it better than I can.


I am a skeptic.


For many people, that implies that I believe nothing (not so), believe in nothing (also wrong), and that I somehow take delight in pointing out the flawed thinking of others (wrong again).


I view healthy skepticism as simply understanding the difference between belief and knowledge, not promoting belief as knowledge and understanding that knowledge is backed by independently verifiable facts. Ultimately, skepticism is about discovering what is true.


The Skeptic web site is a great source of information for those wanting to understand and gain better tools to help cut through so much of the misinformation in the world, and on the internet.

Source: http://ask-leo.com/skepticcom_tools_information_and_education_for_skeptical_thinkers.html


If you want to keep from being hornswoggled by those Nigerian emails, or find out if your polititions are telling the whole truth for once, then the Skeptic website will give you a heathy dose of skepticism.



Quote from the website

The Skeptics Society is a scientific and educational organization of scholars, scientists, historians, magicians, professors and teachers, and anyone curious about controversial ideas, extraordinary claims, revolutionary ideas, and the promotion of science. Our mission is to serve as an educational tool for those seeking clarification and viewpoints on those controversial ideas and claims.

Under the direction of Dr. Michael Shermer, the Society engages in scientific investigation and journalistic research to investigate claims made by scientists, historians, and controversial figures on a wide range of subjects. The Society also engages in discussions with leading experts in our areas of exploration. It is our hope that our efforts go a long way in promoting critical thinking and lifelong inquisitiveness in all individuals.





2 other recommended sites for skeptics

Urban Legends - find the truth behind the legend

Snopes - find out the truth about those forwareded email letters