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Shrink Pic - stop overloading your friends' inboxes

review from Zia at Zia's CyberGuide, May 2006


From Zia

This is one is for all my dear friends and family members who despite my rantings to them about solutions to reduce photo size (Lview Pro, Imagebucket, Yahoo, Photo Gadget) still keep on overflowing my inbox with oversize digital pictures!


I found this via Pierre's site.


Quote from the site:

Shrink Pic allows you to send dozens of photos as email attachments - quickly and with no effort at all! All you need to do is install Shrink Pic. It automatically detects when you're sending large photo files and compresses them in the background. There's no setup, no operating instructions, nothing, nada. Just send your photos normally and Shrink Pic takes care of shrinking them.


try Shrink Pic


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