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Setting Up Spam Filtration Using Gmail Accounts

tip from BillWebb, Dec 2006, permalink _ Email Tips


Tip from Bill Webb

First of all, you need to have a Google account. You can open a free account here.


Open two Gmail accounts. Name one of them something appropriate, like billsjunkmail@gmail.com. Name the other one something elegant, as you would any other email account.


Now, here’s the deal. You use the junk account for everything except personal correspondence with people you trust. It’s the one you give to the porn sites, the cable service, all your online subscriptions, and so forth.


On the personal account, you set things so that any mail coming from the junk account that you choose to answer will automatically use the address of that account.


Here’s what will happen. All the garbage mail will go to the junk account, because you don’t give the personal address to anyone online. Most spam will be filtered automatically. Anything that Gmail doesn’t recognize as spam will come to the other account. If something you don’t want gets through, you simply tell the filters of the personal account that it’s a baddie.


I used to visit the junk accounts and look through the spam folders. After several weeks without finding anything but garbage, I stopped. In a year and a half of using this system, I’m not aware of having lost anything.


You can configure your junk account so that it will forward to other accounts outside Google's domain, or POP-3 check your Gmail account with a mail program such as Eudora or Thunderbird. If you're having trouble with spam, this is a quick, free, effective solution for most of it.


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Notes from Clif

Thank you Bill, that's a mighty good tip and it's darn near exactly how I use my multiple Gmail accounts. Just remember folks, if you don't have a cell phone with text messaging, you can always write me at the address displayed here if you need a free Gmail account.