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What good is the SendTo menu?

tip from ClifNotes, Sept 2006, permalink


Last week I reviewed PictureResizer and my friend BillAllin dropped me an email about it.


From Bill

Hi Clif,


Regarding PictureResizer400, I know the web site recommends placing the program on the desktop, but I disagree.


Everything on the desktop is in what I call the active memory. That is, each thing takes power.


Instead, I recommend (as I have done) downloading the program to a new folder, then creating a shortcut on the desktop.

Shortcut: 1KB

PictureResizer400: 284KB

Do the math.





I wrote Bill back, and I'm afraid I might have bragged a bit (Sorry!)

Hi Bill,


I didn't mention it in the review, but maybe I should have. I did you one better. I placed the PictureResizer file in my Portable apps folder and created 3 versions of it for 200, 400, and 600 sizes. Then I placed three shortcuts to them into my SendTo menu.


Now they are available in any situation. I just right click on the image and send them to the resizer of my choice.


Hmm, I guess I could mention this next week. I do all kinds of crazy things with the SendTo folder.


Have fun! and thanks for writing me.




The reason I mention this exchange is to tell you about some of the things you can do with the SendTo menu and the SendTo folder.


Your SendTo menu is available whenever you right click on a file or a folder. If you choose to you can "send" a file or folder to the object you choose in the SendTo menu. Here's a screenshot of the SendTo menu on my laptop.



This feature can be very handy. You can send a file to a friend's email address by simply right clicking and choosing SendTo Mail Recipient. You can also resize your photos if you do as I have talked about above.


How do you put things into the SendTo menu? Here's the cool part. The SendTo menu is just another folder on your hard drive. See my SendTo page for details.


Have fun!


Oh! While I have your attention for a second, be sure to visit Bill's website so you can find out about his book.


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