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Security Tips and Warnings






Anonymous Browsing Quick-Start Page

AntiSpyware: First Time Basics

Best Anti-Spyware apps - from CastleCops

CurrentEmailHoaxes - from HoaxSlayer

Clipboard Danger - is Internet Explorer spying on you?

Disposable e-mail address services

Free Firewall Roundup

How to secure and protect your home network

HpHosts - a HOSTS file to keep out bad websites

InfectedPodcasts - risky listening on your PC

Scanit Browser Security Test - you have holes in your browser

SecurityNow - weekly podcast from internet heroes

SpamhOle - spam goes down the hole

SpamGourmet - spam tastes good to these guys

TenNetCommandments - internet laws to live by

What is IntrusionDetectionSoftware? - techsupportalert.com

Rogue\Suspect Anti-Spyware List

How'd I Get Infected?

Things You Should NEVER Do

Ultimate Countermeasures Page

Symptoms Of An Infected Computer

I Think I'm Infected, Now What?


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To learn more about the POWERS of the HOSTS file, see below.

HpHosts - a HOSTS file to keep out bad websites