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All-in-One SECRETMAKER - helps keep your identity a secret

by ClifNotes and Mindblower


Note from Clif

I've known about this program for a long time and I know at least one person at work who uses it on his home computer. I've never had the time or patience to try a full security suite like this one. I've already got my system secured the way I want it. I was surprised to get an email from one of my readers named "Mindblower". Here's what he has to say about SecretMaker.


Quote from Mindblower - You can finally start enjoying safe Internet surfing without over loading yourself with dedicated software. Nicely packaged, easy to use and understand. Excellent for Novice to Expert alike. Fully user configurable with switches and selection boxes. Only words of caution are for those who click prior to reading the instructions. As with all software, especially if you are new to a product, start slowly. Experience each function separately, become comfortable with its usage prior to moving onto the next. And should you require assistance, a support forum is available.


Note: Mindblower is the forum administrator, so if you have problems, let him know.


Update from Mindblower, July 2006

Hi Clif. Just to keep you in the loop, "Download.com" has permanently removed Secretmaker from its site since it does a good job at blocking ads. Go figure (eh?). Up to last week d.c gave SM high reviews. Could it be that lost income from ads was the deciding factor?


Note from Clif

Mindblower is correct. Up until this week, "Download.com" offered Secretmaker and it was rated in the top ten programs by popularity at their site. I suspect he's also correct about the ad-blocking being the reason. The ads at "Download.com" are one reason I rarely go there.


Update June 2007:

Mindblower, a former Admin on the Secretmaker forum, informed me that he's disappointed with this new Securemaker product.


Quoting Mindblower

I've been using and promoting a freeware product named Secretmaker for several years, and helping out as an Admin of the companies forum. On June 1, 2007, the product and forum were canceled and replaced by something called Securemaker. It's current version is 5.0.9, it's still a Beta, which you only find out after installing, and is not Vista ready.


For years, the team behind both products were truly on the side of the user, to help them with a product which worked, and listen to suggestions.


Apparently behind the scene changes took place, and this team is NO longer providing an excellent product and/or service. As someone who helped spread good news about Secretmaker, I find myself on the other side cautioning people to stay away from Securemaker.






Old quote from the Secretmaker (now Securemaker) website


All-in-One SECRETMAKER is designed for everyone who wants to avoid computer crashes, protect their privacy and use the Internet efficiently for private or business use. SECRETMAKER is one of the TOP 20 most downloaded software worldwide, as ranked by download.com.


Secretmaker Features:

Spam Fighter - Multi-level anti-spam solution that fights against junk emails

Security Watchdog - Protects you from computer hijacking attempts

Cookie Eraser - Prevents unwanted profiling through cookies

Intruder Blocker - Blocks out spyware, trackware and other harmful executables

Banner Blocker - Blocks banners, speeds up browsing and reduces online costs

Privacy Protector - Prevents tracking companies from identifying surfing habits

Pop-Up Blocker - Sophisticated and smart, blocks disturbing advertising windows

History Cleaners - Prevents betrayal, deletes history logs, speeds up your computer

Worm Hunter - Protects your computer from spreading email viruses




Mindblower has generously provided me with a copy of the last best free version of the software. He mentioned that it occasionally checks the net for updated versions of itself. If prompted to update it, simply say NO.


All-in-One Secretmaker v5.0.7

Archived in 7z format. Use 7-zip to unpack it.