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Searching for Collage freeware



On 7/5/06, slbender wrote:


I love your site even though I am somewhat a novice at "computering". I recently received a free collage software downloaded online from Cosmi when i purchased another software in the store from them. my computer locked and had to be reformatted and such and i couldnt get the program saved. i looked everywhere on line for free collage software comparable. it was great i did one of my granddaugher and her children but cant do another for the other kids. any ideas as to where to go? looked at some mentioned as freeware on your site and asked cosmi to no avail. thanx keep up the nice site.


Hi SL,


The closest thing I've got handy is here ...



Whatever you do, don't use a regular search engine like Google to look for collage software. I just checked and according to SiteAdvisor half the links are very suspicious and some may be hazardous.


Try searching from my freeware search engine



Have fun!