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Screen Recordster - capture audio and video from your desktop

Notes from ClifNotes, Mar 2008, permalink Video Encoders/Converter


Screen Recordster is a nice little video capture tool. It does have some nice features and there is a pay version of it at the site.


I did notice that it was missing a "follow the cursor" feature that I really liked when I tried out AviScreenClassic.


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Quote from the website

Screen Recordster is a tool used for recording screen activity into a standard AVI video file that can be played within any Microsoft Media Player or converted/ compressed for streaming off a web site. If you move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, click a few buttons, or select some menus - anything that you see on your screen – Screen Recordster will be able to record and allow you to play them back later on. And that's not all! Record from the microphone (or any record device supported by your sound card - i.e. speaker output, line-in, stereo mix, etc.), as you record the video, to have your audio instructions or background music / audio embedded within the video. Pretty handy for recording a video you want off the net - play the video and record!



There are two versions, a trial and a freeware.

Freeware Download Link