SaveIt - Locking Programs and Files with a password

Posted by ClifNotes, Dec 2008, permalink File Management Security Tools


I recently saw a review for a program called Empathy at Download Squad. It allows you to lock files with a password. They mentioned that this was a free version with the password feature disabled partially. You could only use a one letter password.


What? I try out lots of free apps and I do occasionally recommend CrippleWare if it's still useful. If there are any good alternatives I'll mention those in the same article.


There are many good free apps to let you lock down your PC and it's applications. Below are a few.


WindowsXpSecurityConsole - Super but mainly locks Windows resources

WinGuard Pro 2008 - NOT RECOMMENDED to many disabled features in free edition


SaveIt's the one I recommend if you need to lock files.


Tell me if you know of any good freebies to lock files and documents.


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Quote from the website

SaveIt! allows you to password protect any program or document. You can also restrict access based on the windows user account and disable password protection temporarily. When a user attempts to open a password protected application or document, he is automatically prompted for the password (protected files are marked with a special icon in Windows Explorer). SaveIt! is also available from the Windows Explorer SendTo menu, allowing you to quickly protect a file with just a few clicks.