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Sandboxie - protection while surfing, protection while installing

Latest Updates from CyberGuide, Apr 2006 Virtualization Software




This an excellent tool ... A beautiful find from Gizmo. This neat little gadget allows you to safely surf the net in a virtual layer on your PC. To use Gizmo's words: it creates a special contained "sandbox" environment on your PC. While browsing within the virtual sandbox provided by Sandboxie you are totally corralled off from other parts of your PC. Any files you download are isolated to the sandbox. Similarly, any programs that are executed only do so within the sandbox and have no access to your normal files, the Windows operating system or any other part of your PC.


For a reckless geek who messes up every PC he touches by dowloading and running all kind of programs, I simply love this!!!




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Comments from Jim H, Aug 2006

I've been using Sandboxie for some time and find it is easy to use, quite effective and has an active users forum. The developer of Sandboxie, Ronen Tzur, is quite responsive to issues brought before the forum. One thing to keep in mind when using Sandboxie is everything you\'ve searched on the web, or downloaded (including trojans, etc.), is gone when you close Sandboxie. That is the security feature. However, not to worry, there is a recovery feature you can use to move items you want keep - such as bookmarks, downloads - outside the Sandbox. A neat feature.


I highly recommend Sandboxie to you and your readers. It is free for home use, but I registered the product and paid a $20 fee to show my support for Ronen's efforts.


Regards, Clif, and keep your great newsletters coming...Jim H


Sandboxie - nagging and auto-starts now a problem

Notes from ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink tag20tag|tagtagtag


I have never used one of the sandbox tools in Windows but many people tell me that these can be life savers. Jimbo wrote in to tell me about the problems he has with the free version 3.2 of Sandboxie. Perhaps I'll try a virtualization tool like this in the future. Based on the comment below, I don't think I'll be trying out Sandboxie.


Comment from Jimbo:

Date: Nov 14, 2007 7:30 PM

Subject: Sandboxie

To: clifnotes.newsletter at gmail.com


I am a huge fan of the 'Sandboxie' security software and have been using it for some time but the latest version (3.20) is a major letdown and I wanted to bring it to the attention of those among your readers who use it:


1) The associated nag screen which runs each time you use SB is now much larger and includes a timer function which bars the user from closing it until a preset amount of time has expired. (it is only around 10 seconds).


N.B. Nag screens have never been a problem for me, I maintain that the author has every right to advertise from within their own product. I mention it for those who are put off by such practices.


2) It is now almost impossible to keep SB out the auto start menu....if you disallow it at install it will continue to try and place itself there at each subsequent use.

N.B. I manually start SB each time and don't want it in auto start....every time I opened the new version I had to tell WinPatrol and Spybot to disallow it....very annoying.


3) It will create a desktop icon each time you open it, whether you want one or not.

N.B. I am not big on icons cluttering up the desktop, I prefer to use the start menus. With this latest version I delete the icon but next time I use SB it creates a new one.


Some might say, minor annoyances and I agree but it is all about choices. I can see no way to change this behaviour in the program settings. I have now uninstalled version 3.20 and reverted to the previous one.


Happy camping.......JIMBO


Quote from the website

''Sandboxie runs your applications in an isolated abstraction area called a sandbox. Under the supervision of Sandboxie, an application operates normally and at full speed, but can't effect permanent changes to your computer. Instead, the changes are effected only in the sandbox.'


Sandoxie could be classified as NagWare