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rssfwd.com - turn RSS feeds into email

Posted by ClifNotes, Nov 2008, permalink E-mail Notification Web Service


Do you know what an RSS feed is? An RSS feed is usually a notification of a change to a website. It can include a portion of the page or an entire article. You need a "Feed Reader" to use RSS feeds. I use Google Reader because I don't have to install it and I can use any web browser to access my list of feeds.


Sometimes, I find that I'd rather be notified of a change to a website in email. So how do I change an RSS feed into an email? I used to use a service called SendMeRSS. It's gone now and I've had to start using a new service. It's called Rssfwd.com.


It's easy to use and you don't need a feed reader.


Quote from the website

1. Enter the URL of the site you'd like to subscribe to. We'll find the RSS feed for you!


2. Enter your email address and choose your delivery preferences.


3. Preview what the RSS email will look like, and subscribe!