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R-Firewall - better than ZoneAlarm?

review from V Subhash, comments by ClifNotes, Nov 2006, permalink _ Personal Firewalls


V Subhash from India wrote me a few weeks ago to let me know that he's changed his personal firewall. Subash is a freeware author and he has a few listed at his website. He knows good software when he tries it, so his recommendations are as good as gold.



From Subhash

... R-Firewall (www.r-tt.com). After I learned that a particular version of ZoneAlarm Free was designed to phone home (perfect crime), I went in search of a replacement and tried several contenders. I settled on R-Firewall. Its interface is slightly more complex than ZoneAlarm Free but it is exactly what makes it so very appealing. You can configure things on a minute scale. I particularly like the URL blocking feature, which blocks ad sites - something that ZoneAlarm Free did not offer. It also maintains an extensive log.


Quote from the website

  • Monitors network activity at the application and system component levels;
  • Detects and blocks direct network intrusions;
  • Detects and blocks network connections that malicious programs try to establish from within and outside the protected computer;
  • Detects and blocks numerous types of attacks;
  • Detects and blocks various dangerous active content on the Internet, such as JavaScript objects, ActiveX components, etc;
  • Checks e-mail attachments for dangerous content, such as executable programs, JavaScript objects, ActiveX components, etc;
  • Converts the protected computer into a "stealth" machine running invisibly to outside intruders;
  • Provides detailed log information