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FREE TOP SECURITY SOFTWARE reviewed and listed for Windows users. Originally, I started this webpage for family and friends. This page is always under construction. Feel free to to contact us about links or anything about Free Security Software!


I'm not superwoman (don't listen to Clif about that) and I do appreciate your comments. I cannot always keep up with the new software. I have a few part-time jobs and sometimes they run full-time. We also help others with PC issues, or I've just got a house to clean, or maybe I just wanna surf and chat!



My Christian bLog-site is where I give the Lord God ALL the glory!

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My PhotoBucket Storage (Many graphics! None of these are mine and I couldn't find who made them.) : Angels : Backgrounds : Bars-Buttons : Celebrations & USA support : Scripture-Pics : Smilies : Trusted_Techies : and more. Get your own FREE and Hot-Linkable PhotoBucket storage



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