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Can you replace Windows default search?

Posted by ClifNotes, Feb 2009, permalink File Management


There's a little utility out there that allows you to change the search application that's called when you use the search link in the Windows Start Menu.


This does not change what happens when you are in Windows Explorer and you hit F3 or click on search there. So it does do what it advertises, but it would be so much better if it did change all the places you can call up Windows search.


What would I recommend you choose as a replacement search? Here are my top 3 picks.

SnowBird, AgentRansack, EveryThing


Quote from the website

RerouteXPSearch utility helps you reroute the Start menu Search link to a third-party utility (such as Agent Ransack) of your choice.


Download/Unzip/Run the utility, and mention the third-party application path in the text box. Then click Apply. To undo the changes made by the utility, click the Restore defaults button once.



Note: The download link is hard to find on the page so I've included one for you.

Download Reroute XP Search