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Remobo: VPN, Chat, Filesharing, Remote Control All-In-One!

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Misc. Communications


All those tools in one package? Hmmmm, sounds great.

Do I need VPN? No.

Do I need a chat client? Yes, but I prefer Meebo.com online chat service. No install needed.

Do I need file sharing? Not really.

Do I need a remote control program? Yes, but I won't use this program if that's all I need from it.


If you do need all those tools, maybe you should consider Remobo. Take a look at this review from the DownloadSquad.


Quote from the DownloadSquad:

Hamachi is a great app. So is VNC. Torrents are great, too. You see where I'm going. These are all great on their own - so when Remobo rolled them all in to one, tasty package, I was pretty excited.


Set it up, add your buddies, and you've got an instant, private P2P network. Click the My Shared Files link and create torrents of your folders and files with two clicks. When your buddies view your shares, they'll see a simple web page with links to the torrent downloads. It's simple, and it works quite well.


Clicking windows file sharing on a buddy will display their Windows file and printer shares (like Hamachi does). File access speeds (even over my sluggish DSL) are good, and at least on par with Hamachi's free offering.


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