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Reactions to Distractions - can drive you to distraction

Tip from Tiffany, Mar 2007, permalink _ Tips



Here's a deceptively easy little game called Reactions to Distractions that will make you think and act quickly, while keeping you on your toes. This interactive game will challenge your reactions to all kinds of distractions on the road, and find out just how good you really are at multi-tasking while behind the wheel. The game will test your reactions to varying distractions while driving, and see how well you handle various situations while under stress. It's really quite interesting as well as an eye opener. Many of us believe we can drive perfectly fine while talking on the phone and/or doing other things at the same time. This unique game/test proves otherwise and makes you aware of just how dangerous multi-tasking behavior can be; especially when performed in conjunction with driving a vehicle. It's truly a valuable lesson for everyone who is guilty of "multi-tasking" behind the wheel. Try it now, and see how you score!


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Try it out!