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Reaper - don't fear the music

mixed reviews from my friends, Aug 2006


Chris C wrote me with a link to this software and a cryptic note about this being the last freeware version. Naturally, I had to take a look. I went to the website and found an exotic looking piece of software that is made for truely geeky (tech savvy) musicians. Next I wrote two of my music guru friends to find out if they'd ever tried it. What follows next is a mix of music and opinions ...


From Bluepwrdup:

Wow, I'm amazed you can still get this as a free download. Don't fear the Reaper ! This software falls into the same category as Acid XPress and Audacity Yep, this is a mind-blowing mixing application, that's a given; it takes the sound to another dimension. Definitely not for the beginner, as a matter of fact I'm still chipping away at it. The mixing board is unbelievable. You can record or yank any type of audio file, fudge midi's. I hate midi's with a passion, they completely screw up perfectly good sounding tracks.


You can add and apply dozens of loops, bends, beats, splice in many of the fantastical Jesusonic effects. Many third party plug-in effects can be obtained from various outlets, most of them are free. Our percussionist, Michael, has a good time playing with the drum action variables (snare, kicker, hats, riders and the overheads) unreal beats can be produced. He simulates the beat pattern to his crazy monster drum kit ... Reaper is a tremendous piece of software to own for experimental purposes.


Thanxs again, appreciate your time spent.






Blue is a member of the Twisty Gerber Band. They typically play a mix of Blues/Rock.

You can listen to a song from them here. You'll love it!


Also check out Blue's Musings wiki (freeware, tech news, PC tips)



From JimiPocius:

I've tried some of the early versions, I figure I'm gonna let them simmer some of the bugs out for awhile. It has the POTENTIAL to be a great program, but I don't think it's quite worthy yet....give it a couple more releases, methinks ... tho SOME folks are REALLY digging it.





Jimi is still rocking away somewhere in Connecticut, but you can hear loads of his mix of psychedelic rock and blues here.

You've just got to hear some of the cuts from his Amblyopia album. It sends me into another sweet universe.




Check it out, yes, fear the Reaper, but don't fear the music ...



Oh! Also take a look at this funny video set to the music of "Don't Fear the Reaper".



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