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Raptor - save your eggs

review from TopFreeware, Jul 2007, permalink Games


From Tony at topfreeware.net:

A platform adventure game that requires strategy.


You are the chosen velociraptor dinosaur out of the pack that is on a mission to retreive 4 eggs that were stolen by marauding pterodactyls. Save the eggs before they become another animals meal.


Smite your enemies and work your way through some challenging puzzles along the way. Talk with other characters, hunt things to keep up your energy and play out the story through 25 smoothly animated levels, scattered with sound sequences and cut scenes.


This is quite a professional looking game with just the right amount of humor added. I'm thankful to the author for the save options as well, boy I needed them. Highly recommended.


(Also look out for the second installment which should be out soon)


Download page: http://www2.bouncingfox.co.uk/games.php


Kind Regards





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