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QuickTime Alternative - put Apple's bloatware on a diet

Posted by ClifNotes, updated Sep 2008, Jun 2007, May 2006, 2004 • PermalinkMultimedia Players


Sep 2008

QuickTime Alternative version 2.7 has been released.


Jun 2007

I recently tried to watch a QuickTime movie online and I was prompted to install a newer version of QuickTime ... NO! I won't do it.


Years ago I tried QT and I was not pleased with how it tried to take over all of the video and audio formats. I'm not one to hold a grudge, but I've never tried it since then.


Since many movie trailers and other types of online movies are in MOV or other QT formats, how do I manage to get by without it? I get by very nicely with QuickTime Alternative.

QuickTime Alternative (QTA) is usually found at Free-Codecs.com, but the folks at Apple requested that they stop hosting it.


Quote from Free-Codecs.com

Download links to QuickTime Alternative have been removed at kind request of Apple. Even though this site does not host any downloads, we have have decided to just remove all links, even indirect ones, and get on with life. QT is a slow and sometimes also buggy piece of software anyway.


This has spawned a number of changes at the Free-Codecs website and at one time they weren't even posting links to it. Today when I checked the links were back.


I'm not sure how much longer the good people behind QTA will continue to provide updates, so I recommend that you go out now and get the latest one. (Currently v1.81)


If you somehow find you can't get QTA anymore, the KliteCodecs will work just as well for viewing most QT formats.




Old review from 2004

Some applications really get on my bad side. Apple's QuickTime does this in several ways. First of all it wants to grab all the file associations for audio and video that it possibly can. Secondly it always wants to connect to the internet. It wants updates or it wants to show you a website or it wants to get more information about media. It wants to drive me nuts. Last of all it tries to put itself in the autorun so it will launch faster. It doesn't take no for an answer. If you try to remove it's entry in the registry, it puts another right back in next time it runs. Shame on you Apple!

I found a way to avoid Apple's headacheware by using QuickTime Alternative. I've gotten no complaints from my OS yet. In fact, I think it breathed a sigh of relief.


May 2006

It's been quite awhile since I've tried QuickTime by itself, and they may have improved some since then, but I was recently reminded of one of the reasons I use QTA when I saw an advisory from Secunia about QuickTime. See QuickTime Multiple Code Execution Vulnerabilities.