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QuickPaste - save text clippings as short links

Posted by ClifNotes, Oct 2008, permalink Browser Tools


Did you ever need to post a large section of text but you weren't allowed to use that much space where you wanted to post it? The Firefox plugin (addon) called QuickPaste might be exactly what you need. Once installed, you can select any text in Firefox, right click on it, and instantly upload it to TinyPaste.com. A second later your TinyPaste URL will be shown in a little window that will allow you to copy the URL. Once you've got a URL to give out, you won't have to worry about the amount of text you need to show someone. Just paste your TinyPaste URL and they can go see it for themselves.





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Quote from the website

Have you ever wanted to send a article or long conversation over IM or post to twitter, only to have it be over the limit on size? What about a cool way to share data without the fuss? Thats what TinyPaste is! Its like TinyURL but for text!