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ProjectForum - free collaboration server on your PC

Notes from ClifNotes, Oct 2007, permalink Info Management


Wiki software for workgroups is what they call this. After trying the package and seeing how it works, I call it genius. These guys have figured out how to make setting up a wiki and web server on your PC so painless that you don't even get more than two or three breaths in before it's installed.


This is what I'd call LiteWare since it's a limited version of their paid software. However, if I was in charge of a small group of people on a local network, this would be one of the tools I'd be willing to pay for. Even this free version would be fine for educational use. A class full of kids would have a blast using it.


Natually, it's not a replacement for a true wiki website where anyone in the world can log in and edit pages like at PBwiki.com (where you are now). It has it's place in a small business or school though.


This version is very similar to the CourseForum package I tried last year. I loved that one too.


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Quote from the website

In ProjectForum, your group decides what to post, what to share, what to discuss, and how to organize it all. Create whatever new pages you need for new topics. Each page is fully editable by everyone, right from the browser. No special tools are needed, nor knowledge of complicated markup languages like HTML. Its easy enough for everyone to contribute, adding their own material, commenting on existing material, or helping to organize it all.


The free version supports all the features you'll need for effective collaboration in your workgroup. There are no time limits, limits on amount of content you can create, etc. Its perfectly reasonable to use the free version for real, extended use with your group, and many people do just that.