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Processlibrary dot com - relaunching in September



I received an email recently from a website I've registered at:

From: press@uniblue.net

One of the most freely-used global websites is provided by Uniblue Systems, the Malta-based software development company. The website has around 5 million visitors per month, and is being relaunched with some new features on 12th September. The upgraded website will have more processes listed with improved information, an intelligent search engine and a security threat rating system.


This free online information site that describes processes running on computers, provides an invaluable security service to millions of pc users worldwide. Deep in the recesses of any computer, innumerable processes are running silently in the background. Some grab system resources, drastically slowing computers down; others harbour spyware and Trojans violating privacy and giving hackers free reign on compromised systems. Processslibrary.com gives you instant access to an extensive online database of comprehensive process descriptions to help you understand what is really running on your computer.


I also occasionally use a program that I had gotten from Processlibrary. It's called the Quick Access InfoBar and a small screen shot is shown here. I highly recommend it to those folks who are either curious or really need to know what processes are running on their PC.




See my article on the Quick Access InfoBar.