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Powerbullet Presenter - creating flash presentations without Macromedia


Under review


From Nipun

Hey Clif


Awesome newsletter... I never miss it. The freeware program I have been looking for is an alternative to Macromedia Flash for creating .swf I have been looking around but none of the good ones are free. What I need it for is to create a splash screen which will come up as soon as you enter my website.


Any ideas?






I wrote back telling Nipun about Powerbullet Presenter. I've known about it for a long time, but I've never tried it. Hopefully Nipun will tell us what he thinks about it soon.


There are also a few places on the net where you can create flash banners right at the website. Be careful about searching for anything free on the web. I recommend SiteAdvisor when you do this.





Quote from the website

Powerbullet is a small, simple program for creating presentations in the Flashâ„¢ format. You should have minimal startup time in getting your first presentation together if you're familiar with using a basic word processor.


Most commonly-used operations are available with a button click or two, and there are handy keyboard shortcuts for most operations. For instance, using the up and down arrow keys - in conjunction with the Control and Shift key - dynamically increases or decreases the font size, giving you instant feedback.