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Picture and Sound Show - create screen savers

posted by ClifNotes, suggestion by GeorgesFreeware, Aug 2006, Permalink


Last week I answered an email about putting a picture show with sound onto a CD. George wrote me the same day with a better solution.

Thank you very much George.


From George



I think there is an easier way to save a picture and sound screensaver to a CD. The “Picture and Sound Show” program has an option called “Create Screen Saver” where you can export a screensaver that you created and send it to someone. This option produces two files, one is an *.scr and the other is a *.pss file. The *.scr file is the working part of the screensaver and the *.pss file contains your picture and sound files. You can send a friend these two files and as long as they place them both in the same folder, they will have a fully functioning screensaver without installing the “Picture and Sound Show” program. I think if these 2 files are saved to a CD they would work fine as long as they were saved to the same folder. The author hasn't updated the program in a long time but I've used the program for about 2 years and I don't see a need to change anything. It works on most Windows platforms.


see my review



Here's a snippet from George's review of this program.

I really like to create my own screensavers. I tried quite a few screensavers where I could use my own pictures. Windows XP comes equipped with “My Pictures Slideshow” which allows you to use your own pictures although it doesn’t have many options. The “Picture and Sound Show” screensaver is one of the few that not only displays your pictures but also plays sound or music. The screen shot I have provided only displays the “Picture Options” but the “Picture and Sound Show” home page (link below) provides screen shots of all the options. read the rest