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WOT says PC Doc Pro Lies

Posted by ClifNotes, Aug 2008, permalink Security Tools


There are three web browser plugins that I recommend to help you decide what web search results are safe to use. The first of these I've tried is SiteAdvisor. Later I tried TrendProtect and WOT.


I have written about WOT (Web Of Trust) before and I used WOT for a few months. I don't use it now and I personally never had any issues with WOT, but my friend Tom at termerc.com recommends SiteAdvisor. He has clearly stated that he doesn't care for the way that WOT verifies it's blocking lists, but that's another story. In any case, I won't tell you which is best to use. I will simply trust what my security guru friends tell me.


WOT wants to educate you about why you really need to filter the results of a web search. They sent me a link to a video about some fake security "scareware" they found in Google "sponsored results". Read the short description and the see the video below. You will see why I hate Google's sponsored results and why I recommend a search filter plugin. If you don't use a plugin, at least use a safer search engine like ScanDoo.


Quote from the website

A clean installation of Windows Vista Ultimate has 572 problems!


We started with a clean install of Windows Vista Ultimate. PC Doc Pro scanned the system and found 572 problems, out of which 31 were severe! On a clean Windows Vista installation! Oh yes! The product fixes 50 problems for free, but to fix the rest, you need to buy a 30-day license that costs $29.95.


This is a good example of software that scares consumers by producing fake or false detection warnings. Misleading unaware computer users into downloading and paying for the "full" version of bogus software seems to be one emerging trend within the rogue software on the Internet.