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reviewed by ClifNotes, Nov 2005, Sept 20006, permalink




I've been aware of the wiki websites for a long time now. The idea is simple yet there are dozens of varieties of this type of site. They all share a central theme, which is told here in this quote from the pbWiki site.

Wikis are fantastic tools to allow for collaborative writing. Every visitor to a wiki can edit any page on the wiki. Editing is done in a very simple text language that is much easier to learn and read than HTML.

They didn't mention that only members of my wiki can edit it. I could even hide my wiki from the world so only I could use it. But they were so right about it being easy to learn and use. I could teach an average computer user the basics of using a wiki in about 15 minutes or less.


Once upon a time, I wasn't happy about how much time it took me to create my reviews and upload them to the websites I used. I'd been looking for an easier way to do it. I had thought about adding a wiki server to my website but I hate getting into technical details too much so I shopped around for free wiki services. PbWiki is a fairly new service but I like the online editing tools and the layout. I also like the price. You can create your own wiki site for free here. There are no signup forms and I was writing pages within a few minutes of signing up.


Take a look around my wiki and if you've ever considered getting your own website or blog then give pbWiki a try. It won't cost a dime and I'll be happy to give you advice if you ask for it.


Thank you all for reading my Clif Notes, and have a great day.


To sign up for your free wiki go to http://pbwiki.com