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Patina's Treasures - great Windows themes

review from ClifNotes, Dec 2006, permalink _ Cool Website


Patina's Treasures is a very nice looking website where you can find clean Windows desktop themes.


Keep up the good work Patti.


Quote from the website

Welcome! My name is Patti and this is my creative home in cyber space. I call it Patina's Treasures because I have always felt that my favorite place on earth has to be the vast oceans and all the beauty within them. Weekend boat trips always seem to put the world's problems back on land for me. While out at sea, I enjoy collecting shells, snorkeling and diving. These are some of the things in life that I treasure most. Now that I've become a "little" computer savvy, I spend my time creating these desktop themes and find them to be something that my cyber friends can treasure as well. I just hope you don't have to dive too deep to find the treasure that's right for you.


Best wishes,







Note: SiteAdvisor has rated this site as risky, however, I've confirmed all of the downloads are safe. The bad rating resulted from links to adware websites. I've contacted Patti and she has reduced the links to other risky sites. Hopefully, her rating will improve in the future.