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Patience is a Virtue

by Tutelage, at Xanga, Mar 2006


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Patience is a virtue, but in this day and age we may not think so . We like our instant coffees, instant noodles and fast-food joints. We like our mobile phones so that we could reach someone anywhere at anytime. We like to get our sports scores in real time. So basically if we want any service or information, we want it now. We can't stand lingering in idle mode. Heaven forbids if a web page takes an extra second to load. Our time is valuable so every second counts. After all, we are important people... aren't we?


I was reading something the other day, then ADD (attention deficit disorder) was referenced in a context I hadn't seen before. He said that some developers (ie computer programmers) have ADD because in programming a computer's feedback is instantaneous and thus a programmer is rewarded (or negatively enforced) by a computer for his actions. He enters this so-called hyperfocus mode where he becomes deeply engrossed in what he's doing because of the quick feedbacks. However, when this person drops into reality, he becomes impatient and easily distracted. For example, in a conversation, a person may have hard time concentrating as in always tuning out or is constantly cutting someone off to get his word in. When reading something, the default mode is to skim. Or if someone speaks for he thinks. --I'd like to call it "quick responding mode"; where a person doesn't process the proposed question before he tries to reply.


This last case could be summed by a Leno joke where he goes to a fast food restaurant and say:


"Hi, I would like a burger and fries."


The clerk would respond: "Would you like fries with that?"


For the record, I don't agree that just because a person is distracted or is impatient means he or she has ADD. It's like saying if you're sad then clinically speaking, you have a mild case of depression. *hands you some pills and a prescription good for three refills* Some people blame ADD on video games, TV and movies; in this case it's computers.


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