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Parental Control Bar

review from ClifNotes, May 2007, permalink Browser Tools


As a public service, I try to make sure everyone with kids knows that simply keeping an eye on your kids when they surf the net, may not be enough. You can't watch them constantly, but some programs that will run on your PC can do that for you.


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This week, I ran across a new parental filter program.


Washington, DC. - 12 July 2006 source

The Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) and the Website Rating and Advisory Council (WRAAC) today announced that WRAAC will use ICRA's labeling standards to support its ParentalControl Bar software, a free, effective browser filtering tool that enables parents to control the content their children view online. ICRA is a non-profit organization that exists to protect children from potentially objectionable material while preserving free speech on the Internet.. In addition to using ICRA's labeling system, WRAAC is also making a generous donation to support ICRA's mission. WRAAC joins other major Internet and communications companies in supporting one of the world's leading self-regulatory efforts on the Web



Quote from the website

WRAAC developed the ParentalControl Bar. How does it work you ask? When your child attempts to access a website the toolbar first checks if the site is self-labeled, compares this site label to your parental settings and determines whether to block or allow access. If the site is not self-labeled, then the toolbar scans our extensive list of 3rd-party labels before deciding whether to block or allow. The toolbar also allows parents to add specific websites to a personal 'always blocked' or 'always allowed' list. Although no system is ever perfect and we cannot guarantee that all unwanted websites will be blocked, parents will be able to more effectively control the types of websites their children access with this tool. WRAAC continues to promote website self-labeling and is constantly 3rd-party labeling the most popular unlabeled sites on the internet, so that this tool remains an effective browser filtering tool.