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OutlookHelper - additonal features for Outlook Express

review from ClifNotes, Jan 2007, permalink _ Outlook Add-ons


Well folks, I've never used Outlook (payware). I've always used Outlook Express, which comes with every copy of Windows. For those of you out there who use Outlook, here's a nice looking tool from a safe website. This tool will not work on Outlook Express as far as I know.


PS: I haven't tried this one so I'd appreciate any comments from those of you have used it.


Colin wrote the following:

This program stopped working at the beginning of April, with a message saying that there was a program update available. However, on going to the website to download it, no update was found. The program seems to have some sort of date based check built into it. The outlookhelper.com website now appears to be offline. Looks like this excellent utility has now died.


Quote from the website

OutlookHelper is a great FREE Outlook supplement,

With more than a dozen MUST- HAVE features.


With this OutlookHelper you can easily:


Upload files to your private storage at www.OutlookHelper.com.

Create your own Cool Animated mails.

Create Voice mails.

Advanced chat mail based system.

Preview images of multiple selected mails mail at once, even without opening them!

Advanced features in preview window.

Easy monitoring for each image.

Make a quick saving for selected image.

Easy saving images for selected mails.

Advanced file search in Outlook.

Automatically saving specific file types (Not only images) To a specific folder for incoming mails.

Make a smart distribution list sending, which excludes the sender and all the mail recipients.

System Tray notifier.

A virus alerter.

And much more