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Outlook Express Quick Backup - backup your Outlook Express email and settings

review from ClifNotes, Jan 2007, permalink _ E-mail Backup


A few years ago, I used to use Outlook Express exclusively for my email. Over time, I learned lots of tricks for OE and I also learned how to back up my emails. It always took me a good deal of time setting up OE after a re-install of Windows because I had to add all of my many email servers manually. Once I'd found this program, that problem was history and restoring my email from backup was a five minute process instead of hours.


There may be payware programs out there that do a better job but this one works and it's very cheap. Actually, it's free!


Quote from the website

able to backup a system's Outlook Express files and settings in case of some unfortunate accident. It is not a program for transferring OE from computer to computer unless you wish to do a bit of editing, which can easily be done if you are savvy enough. If you just need to be able to transfer the DBX files to another computer, it of course will back them up so you can IMPORT then into the second system.