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Outlook Export - helps move emails to other applications

Posted by ClifNotes, Jan 2009, permalink E-mail Backup


I keep an eye on Steven Burns, webmaster of it-mate. He always seems to come up with the most unique freeware. I've often been asked if there was a good way to export email from Outlook (not Outlook Express). Until now, I'm not sure that there was a good free solution.


Let's see what Steven says about his solution ...


click to expand picture

Quote from the website

Outlook Export is a simple application, written specifically to allow you to;


1. Quickly and easily export e-mails (individual or entire folder)


- Includes reverse DNS for senders e-mail address

- Includes full headers

- Includes both text and HTML versions

- Includes "readable" list of links in e-mail


2. Quickly and easily export e-mail attachments

3. Quickly and easily extract links from all e-mails in a given folder


- Optional simple list

- Optional export without checks against known malicious links

- Optional export with check against known malicious links


Additionally, e-mail addresses and "from" names can be checked against;


1. fSpamlist - www.fspamlist.com

2. StopForumSpam - www.stopforumspam.com


In addition to this, links in e-mails can also be checked against;


1. hpHosts - www.hosts-file.net

2. Malware Domain List - www.malwaredomainlist.com

3. PhishTank - www.phishtank.com


And further, OE can be set both to auto-detect new e-mails at a given interval, and have your attachments automatically checked using your favourite virus scanner.