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Opera@USB - use browser, emails, addresses, anytime, anywhere

Posted by ClifNotes, Dec 2005, Updated Nov 2008, permalink Web Browser


There's a new version of Opera out.

Opera 9.6 is fast. I'd say it's just about as fast as GoogleChrome, but I don't have any proof of that. In any case, if you've never tried it, the best way to try it is to use a portable version. Opera@USB is now updated to 9.6 as well, and I've been keeping a copy of Opera@USB around since I wrote about it back in 2005. My current favorite browser is Firefox, but I could change my mind at any time.


Notes from Clif (6 Dec 2005)

Yesterday, Vic Dura wrote me to let me know that there was a USB version of Opera available. I was very interested because Opera has always been my favorite browser. You might ask, "Why would you want a USB version of Opera?".


Opera is a fast, tabbed internet browser, with a built in email client, RSS feeds manager, download manager, IRC chat client, website password manager, and much more. Since it's now in a USB version, I can take it with me and use it on any PC without leaving any tracks behind. It will allow me to do almost all of my internet work from one application.


I asked Vic about moving my personal Opera settings and website passwords (wand) over to the USB copy. Vic shares my enthusiasm for Opera and he was quickly able to answer my questions and give me a few tips on using the USB version. Thank you Vic.


Comments from Vic

The wand entries are stored in \opera\profile\wand.dat and the bookmarks are in \opera\profile\opera6.adr so if you copy those two files from the desktop installation to the thumb-drive \opera\profile directory you will have your bookmarks and wand entries.


The other settings are in \opera\profile\opera6.ini but I would *not* copy that file to the thumb drive. Opera6.ini in the usb version contains directory entries such as "%operadir%mail" whereas the desktop opera6.ini file would have something like "d:\opera\mail" as the corresponding entry; and that would be wrong for the portable version. Unless you are willing to manually examine and edit the desktop copy of opera.ini, you'll run into problems. It's do-able, but easy to miss something. I find it easier to just start from scratch and reset the options I want from scratch. That give me a chance to start with a clean slate and decide once again what I want to change.


Quote from the website

You want to use all opera features mobile - no problem !


- there are no unwanted effects on IE or other browsers

- existing opera versions are also not affected

- make no entries to the registry

- leave no data on the guestcomputer


What do i need for Opera@USB ?


- a computer with an internet connection

- a USB-Stick / USB Flashdrive with about 6 MB space left




For those of you who like to surf the net in anonymity, check out OperaTor.

Also see HowManyBrowsersDoYouHaveInstalled for lots of other portable web browsers.