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OETool - an Outlook Express addon

tip from ClifNotes, Apr 2007, permalink Outlook Add-ons


From Ian in Canada:

Hi Clif, this is my question of the day.

How do we eliminate those annoying, flashing, smiley, faces.


I get 1 message in my mail and it has 2 attatched gif files of emoticons and stupid smiley faces.

How can we banish these to email hell?


Thanks, Ianfromcanada



After finding out that Ian was using Outlook Express, I sent him to a help site that told him how to turn off the HTML viewer so that he wouldn't see all of those flashy smiling faces. The problem is that Outlook Express doesn't make it simple like most of the other email clients and web mail services.


Most of the others have a simple button or toggle right next to the email messages so that you can turn on or turn off the images as you wish. Outlook Express makes you turn it on and off in the "Tools" "Options" "Read" menu. You have to put a check in the checkbox labeled "Read all mail as text".


Ian wrote me back and told me he was trying out the program I suggested. What program? In a panic, I went back to the help site and looked. Sure enough, there was a link there I hadn't seen. I'd never heard of OETools but it's supposed to add the button I was just talking about. I now have OETools loaded and it's great. I don't use Outlook Express much anymore but I figured a few folks out there reading this might like it.


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Before and After toggling text mode

Quote from the website

  • Button 1: Toggle Plain Text Mode for other messages. (IE6SP1 or XPSP1 only)
  • Button 2: Toggle Plain Text Mode for this and other messages (IE6SP1 or XPSP1 only)
  • Button 3: Toggle View Replies to my messages (for Newsgroups)
  • Button 4: Toggle Group Messages by Conversation (i.e. thread messages or not)
  • Button 5: Toggle Thread expansion in newsgroups
  • Button 6: Switch Identities
  • Button 7: Run Majik's free OEQB program (www.oehelp.com/OEBackup/)